The 3 Secrets to Marketing Group Piano

Parents often view group piano as being of lower value than private lessons. Imagine how much more profitable your music studio would be if more of your students preferred group classes.

In this webinar, I'll share with you how to position your group piano class as being even more desirable than private lessons. 

Group Piano Webinar

Fri. May 7, 1:30 pm EST

How to Market The True Value of Group Piano Classes

Most after-school programs, (Gymnastics, dance, basketball, martial arts, etc) start kids out in a group program. But not music studios. We start our students out in private lessons. Why is that? Is it because playing an instrument is harder or more demanding than these other artistic disciplines? 

In this webinar, I'll teach you how to...

✔️Make more money with fewer students. 

✔️Eliminate the myth that group lessons are a lower value option. 

✔️Create a group piano class that customers will desire more than private lessons.

✔️Market your group piano class. 

✔️Position private lessons as the destination for the more motivated and committed students. 


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May 7 at 1:30 pm EST