The #1 Way to Fill Your Group Music Classes

Parents often view group classes as being of lower value than private lessons. Imagine how much more profitable your music studio would be if more of your students preferred group classes.

In this webinar, I'll share with you how to position your group classes as being even more desirable than private lessons. 

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Video expires Thursday July 18

A Proven and Tested  Strategy for Marketing  Group Classes

Whether it's sports, dance or martial arts; most after-school activities, start kids out in a group program. But not music studios. We start our students in private lessons making ensemble and band performance a distant dream. Why is that? Is it because playing an instrument is harder or more demanding than these other artistic disciplines? 

In this webinar, I'll teach you how to:

✔️eliminate the myth that group lessons are a lower value option. 

✔️advertise and market your group classes 

✔️handle parents when they turn down your group offer

✔️eliminate risks for parents

✔️create a group class that parents will desire more than private lessons.

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Link expires Thurs July 18

About Dave Simon

Dave owned and operated a music school for 17 years in St. Louis
Missouri. He developed a love of studying business, leadership, and
marketing while operating his music school. Dave has also developed
turnkey group classes that have helped music schools increase their
profits by as much as 40%. Visit to learn more
about Dave’s music school growth programs.