How to Fix the Zoom Lesson Problem

Are your students suffering from Zoom lesson burn out? Does video static and poor sound make the online lesson feel like a poor substitute for the real thing?  Rock Out Loud brings the online lesson to life with advanced audio and video technology. 

The computer screen seemingly melts away allowing your students to feel like you're sitting in the room with them. Virtual can feel more actual when you Rock Out Loud. 


Let Your Ears Be The Judge

A wise sage once said the proof is in the pudding; or in this case the video and audio. Watch and listen to this side-by-side comparisson of Rock Out Loud and Zoom. You be the judge. 

Yes, I want my virtual lessons to sound better

Zoom and Skype were designed for basic communication. An office meeting or perhaps a Sunday chat with Grandma and the kids. Music teachers have been able to offer lessons over these platforms but have had to put up with poor audio and video quality.

Not any more! Rock Out Loud Live is the first video conferencing platform designed specifically for music lessons! With the addition of a virtual music stand enhanced sound and video the virtual lesson feels less virtual and more actual. Did I mention Rock Out Loud Live is super easy to use? Even grandma will prefer it over Zoom

With a secure P2P layer of encryption your students will enjoy a safe vide lesson experience while being able to access the tools you need to teach your lesson like you were right there in person. As a Music Instructor, you’ll have access to an  elaborate library of sheet music  as well as upload your own PDF sheet music that will appear directly into the Virtual Session. Unlike screen sharing, your PDF will appear inside the Virtual Music Room and is shared in Real Time with your student.

Your student will also have the ability to download the sheet music directly from the Virtual Music Room. 

Rock Out Loud Live also provides a library of the most chords for Guitar, Piano and Ukulele. These chords appear in real-time on the students screen.

Drum instructors will be able to choose from our library of rudiments to share with their students.